Monday, June 27, 2011

Geoff, our Cameraman

The South African team were privileged to have an unexpected additional member join them on their trip to the WTG in Sweden! It was just by chance that cameraman and producer, Geoff Theys, heard Willie Uys being interviewed on the radio a month or so before the games. After listening to the interview Geoff decided to call Willie to ask if anyone would be documenting the team’s progress. There wasn’t anyone at the time and so plans were quickly made to get Geoff’s visa’s and air tickets arranged. It luckily all came together in an amazingly short period of time so that he was able to travel with the team to Sweden.

Once in Sweden it was great to see how quickly and easily Geoff fitted in with the team. Throughout the week Geoff definitely got the most exercise out of the entire team as each day he would literally run from event to event trying to capture every sports moment and interview every team member, his energy never fading. Armed with a rain jacket for himself and even his camera he would film the team in the most appalling weather! The team has really been touched by how enthusiastic and interested Geoff is in the issues surrounding organ donation and transplantation, considering he has no ties to a person who has had a transplant.

Geoff is currently compiling a half-hour program from the games in Sweden which will be aired on Super Sport in the coming weeks. The exact dates and times will be posted when they have been confirmed.

A huge thank you to Geoff for your willingness, enthusiasm and fresh ideas!

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