Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Just to do a final Wrap-up of Team SA's participation in the World Transplant Games.
Most of our athletes are already back in SA or will be on Wednesday morning. Some are still travelling around before getting home. We wish each one a safe return.
I would like to thank everyone of the athletes who gave their best during the Games. You participated with honour and I was very proud of our Team's behaviour and overall results. Congratulations!!
I would also like to thank everyone of the Touring Committee:
Gunston Padayachee - Our Team Captain
Koos Du Toit & Gerhard Van Dyk - vice- Captains
Heilie Uys - our tireless Secretary
Alice Vosloo - Our Media person and Blog updater
Denise King - Our Team Nurse and looker afterer
To each one of the supporters - You were fantastic and thanks for your support to our athletes.
The Final Results are under appeal at the moment.
At last we have the final Medal Standings. South Africa finished 7th overall. That does not take into account our Junior medals which would have taken us level with France.
Congratulations to each of our athletes who won a medal and also those who competed with such passion. We are very proud of you all.

Final Medal Tally 09

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the final tally and for the final pictures. You all did a great job and we are proud of you as a team and as individuals. Thanks too for the supporters. And welcome home!